Loss Prevention Specialist

Job ID: 2047622

Since opening in 1995, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of possible further and further. Today, we’re a Fortune 500 organization that relies on Amazon’s security systems and World Wide Loss Prevention Programs, especially in the fast-paced environments of our Fulfillment Centers.

These Fulfillment Centers are at the heart of our rapidly growing business: they’re where we manage our fast-moving inventory. Our Fulfillment Center teams stow deliveries, pick products, package them up and ship them out.

For every Fulfillment Center, the Loss Prevention team delivers tangible benefits, by providing security services and asset protection. That’s what makes this group of Amazonians so key: they manage, coordinate and implement all aspects of our loss prevention strategy.

Your mission:

You’ll quickly become an expert in a range of duties:

  • You’ll handle investigations of theft and loss,
  • You’ll master Loss Exposure and Loss Controls analysis,
  • You’ll learn your way around physical security systems and controls,
  • You’ll collaborate with contractor guard services,
  • You’ll partake in Loss Prevention education and awareness programs,
  • And you’ll get involved in workplace violence mitigation, as well as Loss Prevention audit programs.

Your role and responsibilities:

As you train and become a Security and Loss Prevention Specialist, you’ll own:

  • Physical security
  • Conduct Physical Security audits,
  • Troubleshoot Physical Security systems (LENEL, CAMIQ, VISION, and so on),
  • Review and improvement of PS systems,
  • Personnel security
  • Train small groups in matters of security,
  • Advise on personnel security matters,
  • Security management
  • Represent the interests of Security and Loss Prevention in leadership meetings,
  • Participate in the selection of new contract security personnel,
  • Provide advice and guidance to contract security personnel,
  • Communicate with security service providers,
  • Communication of security related topics to all relevant stakeholders,
  • Lead Security and Loss Prevention projects with limited scale or scope,
  • Participate in large scale, Fulfillment Center-wide projects,
  • Resilience
  • Review and continuously improve Security and Loss Prevention processes,
  • Identify and communicate Security and Loss Prevention risks to operational management,
  • Act as point of contact in emergency or critical circumstances,
  • Investigation
  • Conduct preliminary analysis and subsequent investigation of losses,
  • Effectively use resources for data mining, CCTV and other surveillance, for purposes of loss analysis and investigations,
  • Conduct forensic interviews, based on analytical results,
  • Conduct interviews when any cases of policy violations arise,
  • Report investigation results,
  • Act as point of contact for law enforcement authorities.



Basic qualifications:

  • Previous experience in express delivery and supply chain loss prevention,
  • Proficiency in MS Office programs.

You already possess a Bachelor's degree, or you’re on track for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in less than one year.



Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in security services, asset protection, audit, risk management, inventory control, quality assurance, or other related fields,
  • Certification in formal investigation procedures (Wicklander/Zulawski or Reid) is a plus,
  • You possess awareness and experience of best practices related to:
  • Utilization of physical security systems,
  • Investigation techniques,
  • Effective oversight of contract security officers,
  • As well as loss mitigation experience in logistics/distribution center settings,
  • Previous experience with warehouse or distribution centre services,
  • Must have strong oral and written communication skills,
  • Familiarity with databases (for querying and analysing), such as SQL, Access, etc.,
  • Familiarity with Lean, Six Sigma concepts desirable,
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced and multi-tasking environment,
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, even with off-site supervision,
  • Analytical experience in a performance-based, results-oriented setting.

Amazon is an equal opportunities employer. We believe passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. We make recruiting decisions based on your experience and skills. We value your passion to discover, invent, simplify and build.

  • Company: Amazon
  • Location: Doncaster
  • Job details: Full time
  • Salary: Competitive